Friday Program

Friday, January 20, 2017: Montrose County Fairgrounds

Walk-in Registrations is still available but spots are limited.


  • 8am-12:30pm -Water Bootcamp Pre-Conference
  • 1pm-4:30pm – Nutrient Density Pre-Conference with Dr. Andrew Smith of the Rodale Institute
  • 1pm-4:30pm  – Profitable Grazing Pre-Conference with Greg Judy
  • 4:30pm – South River Aquaponics Farm Tour – Registration closed
  • 5:00pm – South River Aquaponics Farm Tour – Registration closed
  • 5:30pm Mixer at the Two Rascals Brewery


$30—to attend only the Nutrient Density with Dr. Andrew Smith or the Profitable Grazing Workshop with Greg Judy

$25— to add-on to Saturday’s conference registration

$10—to attend the Water Bootcamp underwritten by National Young Farmers Coalition

Morning Workshop Option

Water Bootcamp 

The National Young Farmers Coalition is convening local water professionals to train new & young farmers, as well as other interested water-users and community members, as part of a local Water Bootcamp series. Speakers will cover topics including the history of Colorado water law, ins and outs of local irrigation administration, policy and funding that impact your irrigation decisions, and what you need to know about water when looking for land. The Bootcamp is also an opportunity to network with key contacts within the local water community.

This workshop will be useful for those who are new to farming or new to western Colorado, but it will also be helpful for those who have been farming in the region for a while. If the $10 entry cost is a barrier, please contact for scholarship information.  Not yet a member of NYFC? Join here today.

Afternoon Workshop Options

Maximize Nutrient Density to Improve Production and Health Outcomes with Dr. Andrew Smith of the Rodale Institute 

Bring your own soil test results (suggested but not required) and join Andrew Smith, director of Rodale Institute’s Vegetable Systems Trial, for an interactive workshop that will give you the tools to maximize nutrient density in vegetable and grain crops.  The workshop covers the implications of nutrient decline on health, organic sources of fertilization, interpreting a soil test to calculate fertility needs, and balancing soil minerals to increase nutrient density. Other factors such as crop selection, ripening times, cover crops, drenching, and foliar feeding will also be covered.  

Setting Up a Profitable Grazing Operation From Scratch  and the Advantages of Mob Grazing with Greg Judy

This workshop will cover each step in developing a successful low input grazing system from the ground up. Water, fencing, grazing methods, livestock selection, mistakes to avoid, financials and many other numerous topics will be addressed.
In the second half of the workshop we will focus on mob grazing, a great tool for building soil and profit by using your herd. Animals are a great tool for improving your soil when we understand how to use them without negatively effecting daily animal performance. Topics covered are: rest periods, stocking density, water systems, fencing methods, graze to trample ratios, monitoring animal performance, developing your grazier eye and many other items that will ensure your success with your own operation. You can learn more about Greg Judy’s operation at

South River Aquaponics Farm Tour – Registration closedwall vinyl logo grey copy

2 tours of 10 people

Based out of Montrose, Colorado, South River Aquaponics is an organic sustainable indoor farm, producer of organic fertilizers and an organic cloning gel in a 14,040 square foot greenhouse facility utilizing aquaponics as our main food production system.  Aquaponics is a way of combining aquaculture (raising fish in tanks) and hydroponics (growing plants in water) into one symbiotic system.

Friday Mixer

Join us Friday night for an evening of networking and camaraderie at the Two Rascals Brewery.  The Valley Food 2 rascalsPartnership will provide light refreshments.